Alleged dump of MtGox backend by hackers

An anonymous group of hackers has leaked a dump which allegedly contains files from the MtGox backend. The hackers also managed to gain access to the CEO of MtGox, Mark Karpeles’s Reddit account and his blog.

Accept Bitcoins has been unable to verify all of the leaked data but we been able to verify the mtgox_balances.csv file. this file contains genuine data of users’ balances. The User_Wallet field in the file corresponds to users’ unique ID which can be checked against the link that MtGox initially emailed users to verify their account. You can download the file to check your wallet here [22Mb file].

The dump contains CSV files which show MtGox deposits, withdrawals and trading history since 2011. It also contains an executable which appears to be software used in accessing data about customers accounts however it is in fact malware. An analysis by a user on reddit showed that the software actually searches for Bitcoin wallets and uploads them to a server in Bulgaria.

The leak may have come from a former employee working at MtGox. In the HTML source of the site leaking the data we found the following comment: <!-- I hated working with you. You deserve everything you get for what you did. -->

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